Pull up a chair. make yourself comfortable.

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Anonymous asked: Do you have anyone planned for the future?

In the near future -and hopefully in time for super- Steampunk Finn, Tenth Doctor (completed-ish), Travis Touchdown, and Ellis from L4D2
In the more distant future where I’d hopefully have dropped the weight and gained more muscle mass, Jotaro Kujo, Captain America, Beowulf from Skullgirls, and thanks to a friend, Gamagori.

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Anonymous asked: Milo (Atlantis) of course Newton:) and probably gunna have to go with Todd from Fox and the Hound for the last one because you are adorable like toddy and you make me want to like put bows in your hair and feed you cookies:p

Aww thanks anon :’).  also i love atlantis and fox and the hound!  more people need to watch them.