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We had the brilliant idea to do a Mortal Kombat/WWE fancasting


So we were just going based off of people who are active right this moment:

  • The Miz - Johnny Cage
  • Shao Khan - Triple H (obvi)
  • Shawn Michaels - Rayden
  • Vince McMahon - Shinnok
  • Big E Langston - Jax
  • John Cena - Liu Kang (I mean, come on…..it’s gotta happen)
  • Daniel Bryan or Roman Reigns - Kung Lao (Couldn’t decide which)
  • AJ Lee and Paige - Kitana and Mileena (or is that the other way around?)
  • Seth Rollins - Sub-Zero
  • Dean Ambrose - Scorpion
  • Randy Orton - Reptile
  • Cesaro - Kano
  • Kane - Goro
  • Bray Wyatt - Baraka
  • The Usos - Nightwolf (Yes both of them…..don’t ask how that works)
  • Stephanie McMahon - Sindel
  • and the best for last, Damien Sandow - Shang Tsung

I am like waaaaaaaaaaaay too excited for this thing, guys



Credit goes to narfysoutpost and keithfenn for getting this snowball rolling.

(via narfysoutpost)